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We are the 99 percent


Allowing the Federal Reserve to exist and force
us to use their Federal Reserve Debt Notes was the
start of the downfall of our economic future.

Those Federal Reserve Notes are just like your house or car note...
they are debt instruments but you can't pay them off... you lose
about 5% every year we continue using them. That's why our dollar
is so worthless. I bought my first car with only $3000 $1.00 bills.
Now it would take near a wheel barrel full of $1.00 bills to buy a
new car. That's because the Federal Reserve Notes are designed that way.
It is a way of stealing from you. When we used silver dollars, they
could not clip a little off each coin because we would notice. They could
not steal directly from the vault because we would notice it. So they
found a way to steal using just plain paper for our trade and commerce.

Everyone should know by now that those banksters are not Federal
and that there is no Reserve at least for our benefit and
the the Notes indicate debt for us as long as we allow
the use of the Federal Reserve Notes... Demand... we go
back to Constitutional money.

Do you know what Constitutional money is?
It is central to our freedom
under the Constitution! As long as they can
destroy your ability to have a rich financial future.
they have taken your freedom for everything else away too!

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