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We are the 99 percent


Eleven score and fifteen years ago a nation was born under God for the deliverance of oppressed peoples. It derived its birth by the will of God. God blessed this nation and has continued His blessing for specific reasons: Liberty and Justice and economic progress for its people. When that liberty is infringed upon, when the “haves” have more and the “have-nots” have even less then what they had, then it is ordained by God for the citizens of this nation to arise and once again formulate a renewed call for justice and the lessening of the economic burdened placed on these “newly have-nots.”

It is a moral travesty that in America, this land that God has blessed because of its holding to noble principles, the poor are becoming poorer at the hands of and the uncaring attitude of many of the rich and wealthy. This should not, and by God, will not be maintained. There is a movement forming in America that should have the blessing of all God’s people. It is a grass-roots movement to effect economic and social betterment for 99% of its family.

The wealthy in the United States have benefitted inordinately since the great recession that they in effect caused. There can be no disputing that fact. There can also be no dispute when one considers that more and more Americans face a dim economic future. The wealthy are not losing jobs, their homes, their self-esteem and self-respect. And even if some have lost their employment, they do not face the specter of the unemployment line; they do not face the degradation of, in essence, “begging” for bread. They do not share in the trepidation of, again, 99% of American citizenry.

Until today.

This is a clarion call for all Americans who are disaffected by the clandestine rule of the rich to peaceably stand up and assert their moral authority so that those in their government take notice and act. America is on the verge of a revolution of sorts. The poor and the middle class have awakened from their slumber. They want their self-respect back; they desire their dignity, and demand justice politically, socially, economically and spiritually.

Why spiritually? Oppression in any form is against the will of God and depresses the spirit of man. Many people in America feel that they are oppressed, that no one is listening, and that their government has lost its way. Yes, their government! The government belongs to the governed in America. And more and more Americans are demanding their rights as a citizen of this nation. This nation under God was created for the benefit of all, not for the profit of a few. That is the blood-thought that circulates in the heart of the majority in this country. It is the blood-thought that keeps America alive.

Arise! Take back what is yours. Take back your liberty. Take back your justice and take back your country. You have given much to this country: your blood, your sweat, and your tears. Is it not time for your country to listen to you, you who have given so much?

(Dr. Rev. Ronald Coleman)

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