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We are the 99 percent


i am currently living and working on an organic farm in southern Appalachia. I am a recently graduated theatre student with a lot of loans that i would feel sickened giving to the likes of WellsFargo and other large financial institution. Before I knew better, I have become part of this diseased system. I cannot let that be without taking responsibility for my actions: I want to live as an example to others in this model mini-society, I know how to motivate people. I know how to 'be the revolution.' I am tightening my djembe head to make myself heard, i am burning a silk-screen to make myself (and others) seen, I am collecting food donations to nourish the movement, i am collecting tools and non-GMO seed for fall crops to root this movement in (if this is a model society we can't ignore the links between financial institutions and big Agg I believe we need to demonstrate our competency to nourish ourselves. I want to plant every square inch of usable soil in liberty park) BUT I CURRENTLY HAVE NO RIDE.

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