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We are the 99 percent


I've been following these occupy protests and it sounds to me like you are all dissatsfied with the same things most Americans are unhappy with, but you need to do some homework:
Example: You are mad at the banks? Your "organizers" collected a half million bucks in donations and did they give you a sleeping bag? NO. THEY DEPOSITED IT IN ONE OF THOSE EVIL BANKS YOU SPEAK OF. I hear you and see your signs against capitalism, YET POLLS AMONG YOU show that all but 15% of you got loans to go to the best colleges this Nation has to offer. And, those evil corporations? Seems okay when you are photo'd using laptops, ipads, e-readers, walkmans, etc...did you make those yourself, or did someone in the PRIVATE SECTOR both invent those, market those, and sell those to you?
OBAMA IS BEHIND YOUR ORGANIZERS; HE WANTS YOU TO POINT TO THE BANKS AND EVIL CORPORATIONS, yet HE IS IN BED WITH THEM. You think YOU can go hang out at Marthas Vineyard with other millionaires? Obama does, more than any other President in HISTORY OF AMERICA. You wanna get mad at some guy who busted his ass to make a small business? Okay, but then you also will be the same idiots who VOTE OBAMA BACK INTO OFFICE. Obama, who gets most of his contrib money FROM MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES. He is in bed with Wall Street. Oh, and those "celebraties" coming down to "stand with you" from Hollywood? They are the same millionaires you seem to have such a problem with. Seems to me like you are a bunch of idiots who have no idea what the real truth is and all you are doing is contradicting yourselves over and over again. You trash a park, you steal from each other, and you gang up on the banks. Do you know what the Democrats did since they took power in the house and senate back in 2007? THEY PRESSURED THOSE BANKS, THREATENED THEM THAT IF THEY REFUSED TO GIVE OUT LOANS TO A PERCENTAGE OF PEOPLE WHO HAD NO JOB, NO INCOME, NO WAY OF PAYING THE MONEY BACK, THEY WOULD BE BULLIED OUT OF EXISTANCE. So the banks gave out the bad loans. When the housing bubble finally broke, all those trillions of bucks in bad loans were then taken by FANNIE AND FREDDIE, buddled up, and sold on the open market. People who bought them thinking they were good loans, got screwed, and Obama came into office and did nothing to help anyone.
The housing crash is still crashing. Millions of contractors, electricians, plumbers,framers, etc...are out of work for what looks like indefinite. NOW OBAMA IS TRYING TO FORCE THE BANKS TO DO THE EXACT SAME THING OVER AGAIN, AND HE IS USING YOU AS A PAWN TO DO IT.
Democrats and their party do not give a damn about any of you. They are using you, and you are allowing it.
WANT CHANGE? Want these scams to stop? Then stop Obama from acting like the mafia and threatening banks and other lenders. His party destroyed our economy, and if you put them back into power, it will go over the cliff.
Oh, one last note of interest for those of you who actually think:
I read your "list of demands" You say you shouldn't have to pay back your student loans. You are lucky you got someone to lend you the money to get an education. I can't. My children can't.
When you walked into that lending company and signed your name or had your parents sign their name to the loan, did you tell the bank or lending company that you have no intention or desire to repay the money? Why did you borrow money when you are now saying you have the right to borrow it and then default on your promise to pay the money back? IF YOU WANT SOMEONE TO YELL AT REGARDING YOUR STUDENT LOANS, GO TO OBAMA. HE TOOK OVER ALL STUDENT LOANS FROM THE BANKS WHEN HE GOT VOTED IN. THE BANKS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR STUDENT LOANS ANY MORE, NOT SINCE 2009. Obama is the source of your so-called "misery". I wish I had your kind of misery. I can't afford a laptop or any of the expensive toys we are watching you guys use while you "occupy and destroy" parks and other places. And it is people like me who work my ass off at two jobs and pay taxes who will be paying for all the cleanup of your disgusting garbage.
Go home and grow up, so the 53% OF US WHO PAY ALL THE TAXES IN THIS COUNTRY CAN CLEAN UP YOUR MESS. Thanks alot for nothing.
"reallytrue101", one of the 53% who pay every dime of the taxes in America and who are grateful for that 1% of small businesses who pay the rest.
You pay nothing, and you are spoiled brats who think you shouldn't have to pay anything. Go to work and earn what you have and stop demanding it from other people who work hard.
1% pay most of the taxes
me, part of the 53% pay the rest
49% of you PAY NO TAX AT ALL AND THE SAME AMOUNT , even though they paid zero tax for the year, even get checks for credits, most of them are between $1500 and $3000 each.
So what the hell are you protesting?
Want fair? Go to work and earn what you have. Want fair? Make everyone pay an equal amount, a percentage of their income. You should send a thank you card to those who you attack with small businesses or corporations, not only for being the ones who hire other people, but also for paying way, way more in taxes than you will pay your entire lifetime, except they pay that amount EVERY APRIL 15TH.
Then you call them evil and point fingers at them? If they all leave NYC, the city will fall because 55,000 people pay ALL THE TAXES, ALL THE WELFARE FREEBIES, EVERYTHING FOR THE OTHER 5 million people who live there.
You better get some facts straight.
The damn truth....it always seem to get in the way, huh??
Go home and stop making a public scene and show yourselves to be idiots. I guarantee you college kids out there that if your picture is on tv or the web, don't be too quick to expect any of those "demon" banks or companies to want to hire you. And why should they??
So have a happy life living on your mommys sofa until she gets fed up and throws your worthless asses out, or have a nice life living somewhere in a tent until your filth makes them throw you out of there, too.

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