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We are the 99 percent


we need to force washington to pass laws raising wages and freezing inflation, punish corps that outsource by taking away their patent rights so american companies can manf the products, tariff the hell out of companies that outsource making it more expensive than manf products here. cap CEO, president, etc income levels. tax the rich to pay for things like medical care for the poor, "bailout" ppl making 40k and less by whiping medical bills from our records, and covering more education costs.

I am over 25,000$ in debt. I have serious panic and anxiety attacks but the medication costs 150$ a month (i cannot afford insurance). Im a single parent but I can't even afford to live on my own. Half of my family can't find work (father, neice, brother ) and the rest of us cannot afford to live on our own (me, sister, her adult son) so we live together. My daughter sleeps on a mattress on the floor in my room, and im working so much i often get less than 1 hour a day to spend with her. I'm forced to call different bills each month to tell them i can't pay till next month. I travel and work 60hrs a week as a manager, and yet i still make less than the cost of living. My mother died last year because she couldn't afford the treatment she needed to attempt to survive, and now my father is sick as well. Im worried that my daughter will have a worse life than the hell we live in now. I have worked my life away for the last 14yrs and i can pack everything i own into the back of a pickup truck because i sold everything else to pay bills. I hope the 1% understand i would fight and die for a better country for my family, so if it comes to that... Im happy i can say... WE ARE THE 99%

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