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Founding Quicksilver Times

Quicksilver Times grew out of the work of Sena Foundation, www.sena.org . Sena has offered free support for dying folks and those experiencing catastrophic loss for over thirty years.

The idea, or rather – the need for Quicksilver Times gestated for over a decade, maybe closer to two decades. The longer we studied the effects of inappropriate denial of grief processes the more profound we realized the effects were.

For the first couple of decades of the grief / loss movement all the attention focused on how the grief process affected an individual life cycle. Decades spent learning that the denial so rampant in the culture had terrible effects far beyond simply preventing the full experience of grief resulting from death and bereavement. As we began to understand that dysfunctional denial affected every aspect of a life cycle it began to become apparent that the dysfunction extended beyond the individual.

Every social, economic, political, and spiritual institution is dysfunctionally effected by our inability integrate grief and our mortality into our moment.

What followed was a shift in the focus of Sena’s work, a new focus. More and more the work became identifying how connected to grief the consuming, unfulfilling greed that motivated so much of economic and political activity was.

The work became increasingly political.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit Sena Foundation cannot become involved in the political process and maintain its’ tax exempt status.

On March 15, 2009, the Ides of March, it was time to form Quicksilver Times, a 501(c)4 non profit to do this all important political work.

Here this new work will begin.

Come. Join us.

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