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We are the 99 percent


I am a 52 year old Irish male living in Woodside Queens New York,

And this is what I have to say:

Capitalism is destroying our world, because this system of distribution depends on a continuous increase in global population, this population being conditioned to always consume and demand more than they could ever need, thus creating the conditions for desired economic growth, But, at a grave cost to the enviornment that sustains us, i.e global warming, looming and inevitable food and water shortages,
And also to the detrement of the people who don't want to be as greedy as most and end up being dominated, disenfranchised and driven into servitude of the hungy Capatilist Masters who presently rule our sick and dying World with an Iron Fist!

Its time to Organize, Socialize, and create a dignified global society, committed to intelligent self-regulation of our excessive numbers on the planet, and also the negative impact of consumerism on the ecosystem that sustains us all.

So sayeth, Pattherealist 10/09/2011

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