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We are the 99 percent


Based on basic college level research, Corporations are not democratic or part of the free enterprise system. They exist to expand profits, up and down stream, many break established laws only to pay Federal fines that are written off as "doing business" expences.

Due to the progressive influence of lobbyists and lawyers, corporations can be charged with a crime, keep their "noses" clean with a promise to not do it again and after a year or so, no record of the crime is noted for public viewing.

As a matter of fact, the FBI reports civil crime statistics every year for trends in criminal behavior; bank robbers, thefts, breaking and entering, assaults, murders, etc. BUT the FBI has never generated a yearly report on CORPORATE crime. Why not?

Corporate corruption and other illegal activities due far more damage than all the bank robbers, thieves, etc. rolled into one! Ironically, public records on corporate crime have all but disappeared to the mainstream public as laws were passed to "hide" their criminal records. (And Identities of mutually owned businesses for that matter)

Corporate entities have been expanding their interest's in our government since the late 1800's when they got their foot in the door of our U.S. Constitution.So sad.How can a Corporation enjoy the same freedoms as American citizens? Now public officials pass legislation that benefits big corps, leave public office and get nice 6 fiqure incomes from the companies they help. Unbelieveable conflict of interest!
They have shown their perception of the "free enterprise" system by stealing the life savings, of yet, another generation in the United States of America! With the money from our pockets, corporations saved their buns and turn around and take even more from the Americans pockets.
All Americans are to corporations are consumers and labor units! They do not represent our constitution or its citizens...Corporations USE our way of life to expand profits, legally (with their laws) and illegally (cost of doing business) without regard to anything but profit.
Remember the "Trickle Down" theory? Let companies..(BIG BUSINESS) go for the profits, government will leave them alone and the money will trickle down to everyone including small businesses, middle class, lowerclass citizens. I don't know about other Americans, but when it was time to trickle down to me, the trickle went overseas with profits used by big companies to get bigger with cheap labor and plenty of places to operate and break estblished American laws. The trickle went back into their greedy little pockets.
How far would America be right now if a small percentage of the funds from all the big companys that spend huge sums of money to " tell us how great they are" instead of paying even half of the taxes that middle class Americans (AND our future generations) have been obligated to pay off Trillion Plus hole in ground! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
How many laws have been pased to "protect" us, the American people? Sure! We need to be protected alright. From Corporations that have THEIR interests protected above all else!
We the PEOPLE! not them, they only respect profits, polititians on a string, and power to control THEIR destiny!
Is it too late for us and our global neighbors? It better not be.
Hi! My name is Harry! I am a US Air Force Veteran, college student, and American. Freedom of Speech is a Right of all Americans.
Enjoy it! Corporate Media outlets skew their reporting in an effort to keep the multi-million dollar contracts from advertising corporations and please the owners that control them. Fragmented stories, glimspes of a cause that is "fragmented" have played the same theme on many stations. Don't let them berate your dedication as American citizens seeking Justice.

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