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We are the 99 percent


You call yourselves ‘various radicals’ but I hope there are those who take responsibility for leadership in this happening so there can be the ability for the people to communicate ideas for further fruitful change and hopefully a path to a solution. Kudos to you for demonstrating what is on everyone's mind and in their gut (who may no longer have to suffer in isolation) of the economic inequality forced upon us by many who manifest greed in a system from antiquity.

To me, you've shown an underlying miracle and that's the grassroots ability of 'We the People' to organize and to voice our opinions and disdain for a legacy of the uncaring rich (not all of course, but many) imposed upon us. ‘I’m gonna get mine (regardless of others)’ is the attitude the faulty system thrust upon many.

The demonstrations are great for bringing awareness in a new way, an approach to a solution to the economic inequality has not been proffered. I believe I have an approach to a solution to the financial injustice that can affect the change we want and need. Because of your ability to organize and aggregate worldwide participation I would like to be able to present this idea which in principle is sound and accurate but which from its inception, has lacked what you have and that’s the ability to implement which your present efforts have so ably demonstrated.

Would you contact me and say, yes, we would like to hear what you say is an approach to a possible solution to this ancient economic inequality.

I would be delighted to be able to offer it.
Here's a start: www.promotethegeneralwelfare.com
Peter Lance Segall

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