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We are the 99 percent


I live in Arizona and work full time and want to support the movement. My husband is unemployed and wants to actively participate. I have always said that the money needs to be taken out of politics and that our government is bought out by Big money and special interests. Congress has not passed any legislation recently to help the 99% get livable wage jobs, protect Medicare/Medicaid, or Social Security nor will they ever when BIG money dictates that their subsidies, tax loop holes and special privileges takes precedence over the well being of an entire nation. Most of the government spending cuts were made against programs and benefits geared for the 99% in order to spare Corporate subsidies, current tax policies and considerations. We, the 99% have no voice on Capital Hill and for those of us who care about our Nation, about democracy and future generations, We the People need to let our voices be heard: Enough is Enough and return the government to the People by the People!

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