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We are the 99 percent


"the only solution is world revolution" I LOVE IT!!! YES! The system in its entirety is broken. Corporate greed in the guise of job creators, credit card robbery, health care reform opposition... all rooted in corporate greed. If health care were corrected or credit card robbery rectified or commodity pricing of gasoline stopped outright or lobbying practices corrected in a meaningful way, the system would still be broken and lower and middle class will still suffer because the greed of the 1% would continue to prosper in the larger system of capitalism gone awry.... and it has. Ben Franklin believed the strength of democracy lied in the masses, in the middle class. Capitalism at the time of the birth of our country was tempered by a stronger commitment to treat our fellows as we would want to be treated. The Declaration of Independence obligates us to throw off the chains of a repressive governance when it does not work. And Thomas Jefferson supported vigilance in holding not just government but society accountable. Revolution. The pundits, who are no more educated than you nor me, claim "Occupy Wall Street" is just noise with no solutions. Screw them. They are in the pockets of the 1%. They make claims that the movement has much in common as the Tea Party. Again, screw them. The Tea Party is a fabrication of the 1% to "reduce government to obsolence so that it does not inhibit the growth of the 1%". Let's keep singular in focus. Liked or not, the prohibition was only successful because that movement refused to embrace other agendas. THIS agenda... stop greed through revolution will inherently lead to other corrective actions! A commenter wrote "no demands are a meaningful demand in the shadow of 1%".... Fantastic!

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