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We are the 99 percent


My husband and I are both college grads. I spent 23 years in mortgage banking in the operations capcity and know first hand the fraud and corruption of loan officers/wall street secondary marketing worst practices that were rewarded. In the mortgage banking if you tried to do what was best for the actual borrower, you were terminated. I have been unemployed since 2007. I started to see the collapse in 2004 in the banking industry when b of a was bailing out countrywide home loans with a 4 billion dollar bail out that was not shared to the public.
My husband was just terminated by a new president at RMT, Inc. after he was promoted to VP of construction operation three days prior. The current President of RMT, which is solar/wind contractor for conedison and aliante energy, has terminated 200 people in madison wisconsin for no just cause other then to beat his own chest and to boost profit., we are both out of work now.

The republicans need to all be voted out. the GOP is treason, not the 99%

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