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We are the 99 percent


I am a tired american that is tired of being exploited by corporations as they take their jobs and money out of the United States while not paying taxes based on the promise of "Creating Jobs". Meanwhile our government stands by letting this happen - they forgot what their job is- they are supposed to protect the people of this contry from this happening. This is happening because of the corporate greed and the false information dispersed throughout our political system from corporations. The only power we have is the fact we are the other 99% and can vote.
To solve these issues:
-Tax the super rich at the rates they were taxed in the 1950's - 90% (Yes 90%)
-Increase Import tax across the board to make it cost more to do business outside the US
-Public health care for all. This will allow the people locked into corporate jobs (because of the heath benifits) to create new businesses and jobs for other Americans without the risk of loosing everything if they become sick.

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