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We are the 99 percent


PLEASE START USING YOUR BRAINS!! I appreciate what the Wallstreet group is trying to achieve but until someone gets these kids off their but and to the polls, they are powerless!!! There are only 2 ways to influence a politician – money and votes! Why is this so difficult to understand? This is how the Tea party was able to influence Congress.

WHY are the hosts on the Left (Left Sirius, ex) bringing this issue up? I’m so frustrated I find it difficult to listen to the programs anymore. The Make It Plain show, Thom Hartman’s broadcast of the Wallstreet rally groups are not saying anything on how to make politicians listen!!!

We are notorious for sitting on our buts come election day, but whine when other folks politicians do something we don’t like. We need to vote in EVERY election – not just the presidential and make our voices heard!!!

What are you guys doing to counteract attempts to keep folks from the polls?

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