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i am here for people becoming stronger customers of, or members in, any organization by becoming peer (equal) shareholder over its assets , specifically for people becoming equal shareholders over the banks holding their deposits:

Here is a "program" :)
1) Make (public) assemblies and
2) privately and in parallel become equal shareholders over the banks holding their deposits.

People can do this by first signing (yet without any payment) the (comcomizing) contract among themselves and then by coordinating over it. For better understanding the comcomism, which is the theory about equal ownership by peer owners, we coordinate also some Workshops/Assemblies/Interviews.

» peer owners in 6 points:
»» http://is-with.wikidot.com/what-comcom-is-in-6-points
» Comcomize the occupy movements:
»» http://alex11.wikidot.com/comcomize-the-occupy-movements
» Download Manual:
»» http://is-with.wikidot.com/
» Workshops/Assemblies/Interviews
»» http://whe.wikidot.com/history
» Register organization:
»» http://is-with.wikidot.com/for-increasing-the-power-of-each-individual-in-a-organizatio
» Develop the platform:
»» http://comcomist.wikidot.com/
» Peer Owners' Home
»» http://comcomist.wikidot.com/peer-owners-home-in-berlin

» See also
»» http://occupywallst.org/forum/becoming-equal-shareholders-over-the-banks-holding/

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