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We are the 99 percent


If we are to have a truly bloodless revolution, all we need do is follow the Constitution and vote out any incumbents. Our forefathers didn’t have any experience when they formed our government. We don’t need laws for term limits to vote them out. The experience of our recently elected officials is killing us with new laws and good intentions that only serve to make us economic slaves to an all powerful corrupt government beholding to the rich and powerful.

We have the power of a free electorate. Let’s use the power of the vote while we still can to correct previous mistakes and return the power to the people instead of the self serving aristocrats who, because of their success would have us believe that they are the only ones capable of representing us.

The population of the U.S. has increased tenfold since its inception to better than 300 million people today. There is absolutely no reason to keep reelecting the same people. Again, follow the Constitution, stop lawyers from running for the House and Senate. Lawyers are officers of the Court and therefore part of the judicial branch of our government. No matter what they say, you can’t serve two masters or in this case, serve two branches of our government.

As for taxing: If all men are created equally, why not tax all men equally? Flat tax all people equally and extend that same process to “ALL” corporations without all the write offs meant for the rich. Buying other corporations as write offs and tax shelters are the practices of the rich and only serve to avoid paying taxes while driving up the prices for the rest of us.

The clock is ticking, Election Day is coming up fast and the only way any changes will happen is if They’re In - Vote Them Out.

Pete Di Lauro

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