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We are the 99 percent


We twitter as nullapars. Our website calls for major Political reform which is in line with the goals of OWS. We must take the money out of politics. We propose 3 specific Reforms that if would accomplish our goals. Fix the problem at its root cause, money.
1. CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. Campaign contributions "a blatant and legal form of bribery" It should be illegal to give money for influence and that is precisely what campaign contributions are. Does anyone really think corporations make donations to be good citizens. Yet they do it and we let them? This is a system designed to fail. We can do much better.
2. ELIMINATE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. It's a system that creates complicated political strategies which waste time and distract, It allows some votes to be more important than others.The State by State winner takes all makes no sense. We could end up with a President who did not get the most votes. We should count every vote equally. Its another system design to fail.
3. TERM LIMITS FOR EVERYONE IN CONGRESS. No more career Politicians. Career politicians in the current system must play the game to stay. There is no other way due to how our system is structured. We all know its about the money and to make a change against the hand that feeds you is impossible. If they had term limits they would be inspired to make a difference rather than a career in Washington.

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