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Japanese people made a online petition on WH.gov to stop 1%-led TPPA. http://wh.gov/jfo Please join and spread!

White House MUST give us a response if we collect 25,000 signs.
Of course, this will not directly change the government, but I hope Mr. Obama would remember what he said at his presidential campaign.

At Presidential campaign, Mr. Obama said NAFTA is "devastating because our trade agreements did not have labor standards and environmental standards that would assure that workers in US are getting squared in".
After NAFTA, as he said, US people lost jobs since many manufacturers moved to Mexico where the wage is lower than that of US and Canada.
Mr. Obama is now going to make another ingernational trade agreemtn called TPPA.

TPPA: This trade pact put the interests of corporations above the interests of the citizens of signatory nations. http://wh.gov/jfo #OWS

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