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We are the 99 percent


experimenting with a interface called pearltrees


which is a blogpost embeddable collaborative curational tool.

By means of this interface it should be possible to share important info
in a more structured manner than is possible within twitter or facebook.

But to make it worth our while we need some paticipants of Occupy Colleges Groups
http://pear.ly/1M4f to start building their one pearls like par example http://pear.ly/1V0T
òr http://pear.ly/1u_5 . We will see an explosion of occupy colleges websites and we will need a tool to access all info containted in a more structured manner. In order to prevent a too closed garden approach i suggest pearltrees. If you have other interface suggestions please contact me via twitter
@notpicnic so i might incorporate them in http://pear.ly/1Auv



more info about this beautifull interface via: http://pear.ly/uXl5
see also

student protests NL: http://pear.ly/Dpcb
USA: http://pear.ly/N0Aj
international: http://pear.ly/W7lL

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