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We are the 99 percent


These idealistic kiddies are not ratbags or corporate thieves. The do NOT own the mainstream newspapers or TV monopolies which only shake the slimy hand that feeds them. Bashing some sense into them by the hired bouncers smacks (sorry) of dictatorship and subjucation which is abhorred in countries that dont buy our goods, but it is fine if it is done by the rich's police. They might get beaten unconcious but the beating is unconciable. They are young ... they will heal ... and they won't forget , like they don't forget in Libya or all the other regimes that take the money and run. There is a very fine line between bashing the population and shooting them. If the peaceniks become more militant ( or defensive ) the police will be ordered to shoot. Pity the copper whose daughter( or son ) shows up in a protest cos she wants a better future for her kiddies? Wake up and smell the roses - not the air-freshener full of toxic yet profitable chemicals.

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