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We are the 99 percent


There's a lot of debate about left versus right ideals, we should do this or we should do that, which is all good, but there is a lack of guiding principles yet, and principles that are inclusive of the 99%. You could argue that the US constitution achives a set of principles to follow, but this had been so trashed by amendments, and abuse or ignored that there needs to be space to re-write it and allow it to be reclaimed for our future.

Ultimately corruption won't be flushed from the system without a set of principles that can guide us.

I'd like to suggest three ideas that can inform our principles. These I feel can help us: Freedom (individually and collectively). Diversity. Sustainability.

These are qualities that are harmonious with nature. They are three qualities that are fundamental for nature to function.

Sustainability needs diversity to make it robust and adaptable to outside and changing forces. Diversity needs freedom to be able to adapt, make choices and grow and diversity will only tolerate that can be sustained. For freedom to flourish it needs both diversity, if there are no options of choices there is no diversity, and sustainablity; you can't really be free if it only lasts a week.

I think these qualities lend itself to integrity.

There may be more qualities that I've not included. Truth also comes to mind, but Truth means different things to different people. And I think truth is contained within the three qualities.

But at least from these three, a sense of order emerges that can be applied to different areas of law.

Thanks to everyone who is here and part of this beautiful movement.



This is a movement with a serious identity crisis.

Identify with this:

Freedom. You want it. I want it. We want it.

But freedom is the ability to choose. Without interference. Free Will.

This means having choice. Having and embracing --


People who think left or right. Forwards and backwards. Up and down. Always changing always growing.

There are so many choices!! So many ways we can go. If we say we want freedom for all.

And then as we share and dance together, we become a massive movement. An entire political eco-system that moves towards --


Freedom that lasts forever. Not just a week. And not for a few.

And then in this free, diverse, sustainable ecosystem we --

Belong to the largest political/social/economic movement ever created.

For you. Me. WE.

And I fucking love everyone of you.

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