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We are the 99 percent


Hello to all comrades out there. My name is Ira. I once had a popular web show on YouTube, and started several debate groups and radical leftist organizations. I am a member of the Occupy Berkshires, in MA. I have supported the movement since the beginning. I will continue to donate and support this movement. I have always been a radical. I am an ex-member of the Communist Party USA, but left under my own accord because I feel that they are trying to work within the system and that is just never going to work. However I have joined this movement, heard and told my stories, as well as related to the many told to me. I feel this is the start of the Revolution in the USA, and it will only get bigger. I feel that FINALLY people are tired of not having a voice. They are TIRED of being pushed aside while someone with money gets away with crimes, or abuses us, by buying politicians and creating rules and laws that favor the huge corporations and dig us more into poverty. The middle class has almost completely vanished. People cannot afford medical services, and are TIRED of being told its they're fault, or its they're problem for not being rich. We are now NO LONGER going to take it. Something has snapped here in the United States. And Revolution is coming. I hope we and the rest of the US is ready... because ready or not.... here we come. Fists held high, under the banner of the people. This banner actually does read "FOR, OF, and BY THE PEOPLE!" If your not apart of us, I hope you will join us soon. And if your against us, your not an enemy. Just a mislead person. You ARE the 99%. As am I. We have lost our homes, our health, friends, family, jobs, livelihood, pride, self worth, and chances are so have you. Corporations do NOT care about you. They only care for they're money. And you get what they will kick down to you. We ALL deserve to live a decent life. Where we can all work a live on a good paying job, and not worry about if we get sick and its going to cause us to lose our home.. NO ONE is saying that we shouldn't have to work hard for what we get. But we ALL have the GOD GIVEN RIGHT, to live as a human should. Life is meant to be enjoyed.. not suffered through. I'm a hard working American, and have been all my life. I take responsibility for everything I do, and all the mistakes I've made. So DON'T tell me I'm lazy, or just whining. The American dream just NO LONGER EXISTS. And supposedly its open to all of us. But someone once said the American Dream only makes sense if your sleeping, its just a crewel fantasy. Its the truth. Your blind if you don't see that. And there wouldn't be SOOOO many of us if it weren't true. Open your eyes, or live like one of us for a while. THEN you'll come to our side. Till then, I have only advice to give you. Shut up, and MOVE out of the way. Its coming with or without you. Fight us if you must, but the PEOPLE will ALWAYS prevail.

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