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We are the 99 percent


I thought I was moving up north to die. But not in the bitter resentful way most people perceive. This was simply the place I wanted to spend my final days. I always loved the North Country and being unofficially “retired” at 47 it fit me like a glove. The peaceful serenity created the perfect place for my spiritual meditations. I was beginning to understand what everyone was saying; “That God must have a purpose for my living.” It was here that my transformation into a “Spiritual Teacher” began to become more apparent.

Sometimes you have to loose what you have to understand your true Being. Who Am I?

After the car wreck I couldn't turn to organized fear based religion to help me. I grew up catholic with much love and experiences of God inside and outside of the church. But still the churches were closing their doors to gay people. I turned to other spiritual teachers outside of and different from these fear based teachings of organized religions. The difference is simply put this way, fear based religions teach us that we are humans beings having a spiritual experience. I chose to be what many others are now choosing to be, a "Spiritual Being" having a human experience. Through this human experience I can remember who I am. I am God. You also can find your "Equal to God" status as all love if you choose, but many do not.

As music and love changed the 1960's and 70's, music can now change our present situation. We can if we allow ourselves to be in control of our thoughts, and now we can make a conscious awareness of what we want the outcome to be. This is how Jesus taught us to pray. Pray as if it already has happened. Through the strength of our belief, our faith shall make it so. Don't we all want the suffering to end?

Please find your "Equal To God" status as being all love. Find your own (Damn) way home to God. I found mine. www.equaltogod.com


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