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We are the 99 percent


Corporations (CEO's) are out of touch with their employees. In fact, they are so jaded they don't know how to interview or hire adept employees. I realize not every applicant can be hired, but most large corporations do not have movement within their companies for the majority of their employees or for applicants.The greed continues and the flux stagnates (no movement within for improvement except for the CEO's and top cats) Then there is nepotism and jobs are created. Voila the inncer sometimes vicious cycle continues Solution: Awareness of your company's policies, goals and mindset/what is best for you, ROWE workplaces and Job Support Groups across the nation to bond vs unconscionable companies. Also, accountability for employees and employers. It is time to take a stand vs greed, but destruction is not the answer. If you have a wheel, you do not keep reinventing it (you improve or continue with your invention). Are we beyond repair or improvement that we must destroy all in the path? I am in favor of taking a atand with calmness, specific goals and solutions to the current problems in our workplaces.

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