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We are the 99 percent


My name is Melissa Chinnici... I'm highly moved by the fact the there really are others out there like me... I've been watching this on the news and I feel like all my wildest dreams might just be becoming a reality. I was kicked out of the Marines and denied as a conscientious objector, instead forced into going AWOL by my change of perception, and instead I was considered as a 'deserter' by the Marine Corps rather than a 'conscientious objector', and other-than-honorable rather than honorable... and kicked out for 'misconduct' when in reality I simply refused orders, peacefully.. refusing to fight any longer. Ever since then I've been doing what I can to enlighten others about the false ideas of what the "american dream" is all about.. and how it's all simply a facade. Corporations control everything that impacts our lives, and I'm tired of living in a world where you have to loan money and pay back interest just so I might get a job with a decent pay and some benefits. The world is abundant with resources and there is enough to go around for everyone.. I'm tired of living in a world where people believe everything is scarce. Money is the root of all evil.. money is the root to most crimes.. money is what tears us all apart and makes up overly competitive and hateful against our own brothers and sisters... when the true enemies are the corporations who put up smiley faces like you can confide in them. I'm utterly disgusted with the truth I"ve uncovered the past couple of years by my own speculation that something is not right... and that there is hope for humanity. I have no qualms leaving my aimless job and rent that is simply too high than what it's worth.. so I don't care anymore .. just to need to convince my significant other to let it all go and that this protest could change everything. Otherwise I'd be there RIGHT. NOW! I am so proud and so moved by your motivations... and I hope this message will be heard and not turn into a lost cause... but it is up to us 99%... I pray the rest of the country does not remain silent and that maybe it will impact the rest of the world. Only time will tell! And I will be dong what I can to make my way down to NY! Peace and love.

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