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Jones Group Inc

The New York Times recently ran an article with evidence that China sold nuclear weapons to countries in the Middle East.(http://www.nytimes.com/1991/06/10/world/china-said-to-plan-new-arms-sales-us-is-concerned.html ) Western diplomats and other experts are increasingly expressing concern over China's actions. Despite this, Americans still overlook the critical problem with China. Unlike America and many other world powers, China embraces communism. This system of government is fundamentally opposed to the democratic ideals espoused in America.

While it is each country's right to self-govern, it is important that Americans understand the dire consequences if China continues to thrive and exert power the way it has in recent years. A world dominated by Chinese interests will signify a loss of liberty for everyone, especially Americans.

Therefore, it is up to Americans to protect our freedoms. It is our social responsibility to stop supporting companies that outsource work to China. Companies such as the Robert Rodriguez Design Collection, the Jones Group Inc., have all outsourced to China, pouring millions of dollars into that economy. The Chinese government, in turn uses eighty percent of that profit and reinvests it into military growth. If Americans continue to patronize these companies, we are ultimately funding our own destruction.

The New York Towers are just a reminder of what further destruction could be incurred if China is allowed to flourish and provide missiles to countries that oppose us. It is time for Americans to take social responsibility and stop supporting companies that undermine America before it is too late.

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