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We are the 99 percent


Let's reform our society so that we can better fulfill our potential and improve the people's lives. We don't need a revolution or a cargo cult. We can do it peacefully and somewhat patiently. We've begun the evolution, now let's aim for not just catching up with the rest of the world, but jumping ahead with something uniquely ours, something that fits our dimensions and our environment. Everything won't be perfect but if we work hard and are smart--we ARE good at research, we can improve on earlier revolutions, including the industrial revolution. The new society technology would give us a leap forward from being somewhere behind the other major democracies. The timing is good, and much of the rest of the world wants to join in.

I reject the idea that we could or should return to a mythical America, falsely said to be the pioneers' and founding fathers' intention. That's aiming in the wrong direction at an undefined target.

--Mata Stevenson, semi-retired reference librarian

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