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We are the 99 percent


CNN is calling us "Anarchists". Perhaps the name “Anarchist” is appropriate here. Because if the meaning of the word is one who opposes government, “as the political philosophy which holds the state to be immoral, or alternatively as opposing authority in the conduct of human relations”, then YES we are in opposition of the indecencies laid out on the 99%! YES we are in opposition to the government giving BILLIONS in bailouts to corporations who walk all over the 99%. YES we are standing up against you, 1%, as anyone should stand up to a bully. How can you live your materialistic life, greedy for power and money while millions are unemployed or underemployed??? OVEREDUCATED, UNDEREMPLOYED.
FOR THE PEOPLE MY ASS. WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL MY ASS. FREE SPEECH MY ASS. Even the protestors are being walked over as they exercise their rights as human beings. Arrested for closing a bank account…WHAT WORLD, WHAT COUNTRY, WHAT GOVERNMENT DID WE ALLOW HAPPEN TO US???
I am not some “college grad with a bulls**t major and tons of debt”. I am not asking anyone I know for pity, for money. I am a highly educated graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology. The #7 school in the NATION. I paid my way through school, with lies fed to me all the way that I would be in high demand as a fresh graduate….I CANT FIND WORK ANYWHERE THAT LETS ME EXERCISE THAT $20,000 DEGREE!! I’m having to move back with my parents and get any work I can find, even if it means flipping burgers. Now, instead of using my degree that I worked my ass off for, I get to go back and try to support my family any way I can. I DON’T WANT PITY, I WANT FAIRNESS.

I am angry, and I AM THE 99%.

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