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We are the 99 percent


Dear Occupiers and Coffee Partiers, thank you for being front and center. You made the rest of 99% of us heard, when our editorials, emails to the politician machines, and various pundit feedback got buried.

age=52; race=common variety; gender=why does it matter; sex=you shouldn't be asking; hsehold stats=part of 250K income w 3 teens and pets all still living in our first home because we value our neighborhood; personal=launching my 3rd career, various computer tech (80s-90s)-->LLLmotherhood w homeschooling and urban-gardener before it was cool (90s-00s)-->(temporarily waylaid by housefire) e-books for homeschoolers and self-schoolers; activistic interests=(1)freedom, choice, privacy & equity for flesh-blood people, (2)environment & health, (3)education availability & flexiblility (4)community building & local-economy promoting w/o conglomerate-corporate influence (5)tolerance & respect for people around the world

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