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We are the 99 percent


Graduated with a Bachelor's, poli science. Now studying a professional level degree. Not happy the direction this country is headed and the pure greed and corruption that has taken over. All institutions that guide the future of our youth and society are being sold away for profit or allows to totally crumble.

I originally supported Obama but was already disappointed in our 2 party system. Obama was able to rouse the hopes and dreams of everyday people. As many got excited, most became disenchanted overtime with our president, since he was not fighting hard enough for public interests in various issues (health, environment, military use, neo-conservatism, corporate domination). Obama gave some effort but in the end failed to being bargained away by the elites and wealthy.

The beauty of the failed approach however is that the flaws of our economic and political system were totally exposed in the process; now not one soul can claim our system works in either politics or economics, as it stands. This is the true beauty of it, unintentionally, as people saw layers and layers of 'checks and balances' against the will and needs of everyday people. We saw a fake populist movement called the Tea Party impose the character of debate in this country (attacking democratization of healthcare) and the corporate media actively take sides with this dangerous and arrogant movement. We saw our courts claim that non-human corporations should have the same rights and level of speech as humans do, with predictable result that everyday people's voices will be drowned out by those with the most resources. We watched the economic collapses spread around the globe, with gross consumerism continuing along the way.

No longer will the 'glory' and 'exceptionalism' of the American dream be openly believed because not only has history long exposed this, but now modern personal experience's of everyday citizens have confirmed this concept to be a total lie.

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