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I am greatly concerned with how the pharmaceutical giants have influenced the FDA. The most important safety information is still hidden in fine print, rather than boldly on the medicine bottles themselves. Most people do not read long fine print package inserts.
Levaquin should say: STOP if any small reaction; the drug builds up over time, delayed reactions can be painful, permanent, or even result in death. READ ALL patient guide information carefully. I had two tendon ruptures after Levaquin, and a lot of other damage to nerves and cartilege and live in chronic pain, as do thousands of others who are forgotten by the legal system due to short statute of limitations laws for the severely injured. Also, the SEC must be cleaned up, and approve the small investor's suggestions when it comes to health care. Johnson & Johnson and the SEC blocked my shareholder proxy to ask shareholders to vote and force company to put stronger warnings on the BOTTLES of Levaquin. The SEC put my democratic rights down the drain since I didn't have big bucks to hire a corporate lawyer.

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