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We are the 99 percent


For the first time in my life I feel a genuine pride in my country. When I first saw occupy Wall Street on the news I said, "occupy what?". The first slogan/sign I saw said "Get the Money Out". Get the money out of Congress/politics. Now that is righteous. Get the money out should be the battle cry on everybody's lips. That is the one voice we need. Get the money out of politics and what we need will fall into place.

I have never voted nor paid very much attention to politics. I did not even know the definition of a Republican and a Democrat. Never cared. I remember when I learned about the Electoral College. I walked away thinking my vote didn't matter. I just left it to others and went about my own busy life. Looks like too many of us did.
Occupy really got my attention so I set out to learn about it. Today is October 25. I have been following the movement since it started and researching... Everything. I have been flipping the news channels for a month watching how reporters react and what they say. I say we cannot trust them for the truth.
It seems to me the new world order is our enemy.
I am considered a smart man with good common sense. I never liked for people to rave about how smart I am. I always cringe because of the mistakes I have made. I told this to a friend one time and he comes back the next day and said he come up with a good description for me, " your well read." I like that and I agree with it.
I do what I call study the studiers, the specialists. I have heard slivers of the new world order off and on down through the years. I knew then it was possible but now I see it everywhere. Especially in our world dominating government.
I have found what may be the definitive lesson on the new world order. The video is 2 hours 45 min. but if you really want to know what is rocking our world watch this. I am very very disturbed.
Final Warning - A History of the New World Order [David Rivera]

It does not matter whether you buy into the new world order or not. The fact is there is something very wrong with the way the world is going. Everyone knows it. Everyone feels it. Everyone is frustrated because we cannot put our finger on the problem. Everybody's needs are so different. Take the temptation of politics and the needs will be met. One loud voice from everyone. Get the money out. What is wrong with showing up at a protest with signs that all say the same thing. Put our differences aside and get together with one loud voice.

After all, in the final analysis we all want and need the same thing. What would Mohammed and Jesus do?

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