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We are the 99 percent


I am a lesbian mom of 28 y/o twins. I am a grad student and teach undergraduates, and see on a daily basis what the effects of greed are: under educated youth.
My own children do not have health care, but work more than 40 hours / week to support themselves. Next year, I won't have health care. I have been taxed and penalized by the IRS for trying to make a living as an artist, yet I pay 33 % tax.
My wife is a chef and employs local labor, and purchases food from local farms, butchers and bakers. None of her work is off shore. She pays taxes, and banking fees to operate her business. When she asked about the high bank fees, she was told that the banks had to recover losses from the economic collapse, and this was one way (!)
We do not feel represented America. We do not feel like we can count on the existing American process. Washington is not looking out for us. Washington is looking out for themselves and their greed. Shame on them. Shame on Obama.

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