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We are the 99 percent


My name is Kelly and I'm a recent grad
uate from SOCC in Coos Bay Oregon. I live in Lakeside and have been titled the "One Woman Protest" --"OWS comes to Lakeside" on 10/19/11, in the Coast Lake News, a local paper. The write up was about me and my signs on October 15. This small town has a corrupt city council and I have provoked a total recall of all the councilors. I am getting overwhelmed by the need to continue with my committment to the movement as I am by myself. Are there any 99%ers that need a place to express themselves? There are lots of campgrounds here... and a supportive community, for the most part. I am 45 years old and this means so much to me. I need some guidance because I've been approached by a Dr. Rick Staggenborg with the following email:

Hi, Kelly. I saw the article on your one-woman protest in Lakeside.

I am on the national council of Alliance for Democracy and the President of the Board of the 501.c3 Take Back America for the People. I have a keen interest in getting young people involved in going beyond protest to direct political action: http://www.soldiersforpeaceinternational.org/2011/09/students-for-democratic-society.html

I have a very specific plan to end corporate rule in the United States, which I believe to be the only way to guarantee justice for the 99ers and to end war in the world, which is symptomatic of the fascist takeover of the US government and media: http://takebackamericaforthepeople.blogspot.com/2009/08/appendix-v-ending-corporate-plutocracy.html

If you are interested in finding out how you can multiply the power of your protest, please call me at 541-217-8044.

Rick Staggenborg, MD

Coos Bay

What I need is help figuring out whats a scam and what isn't. I am too tired to do the research. Strength to everyone. Thank you,
Kelly Wathen

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