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We are the 99 percent


I'm very supportive of you. We need a revolution. My husband and I sell tools in a flea market down here. Florida never really recovered after 9/11. Business is not good. We're struggling but we're hanging in there. I'm going to include 2 attachments. One is about the documentary "Inside Job" which pretty much outlines what you're protesting. And another about trying to get the stock market hours changed to eliminate the "extended market hours". The stock market belongs to all of us. We've had a brokerage account since September of 2010. The stock market is difficult enough without a whole different set of rules pre and after regular market hours which are there for the top 1%. I'd appreciate some support for getting the extended stock market hours eliminated. Extend the regular hours if 9:30am to 4pm Eastern is not long enough, but the daytime orders and rules should govern with types of orders, stop losses, price alerts, charting and all the other safetys available during the day. This is how stocks drop $20, $30, $40/share overnight and gap up and down, especially during earnings season. It's incredibly unfair since most of us 99% can't act on this information until it's too late. Who has time to watch the stock market from 7am to 8pm? Most of us have to get some work done during the day. I've been meaning to pursue this cause ever since I heard about your movement. Thanks, Cori

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