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We are the 99 percent


Baby boomer, at the top of my career, impressive credentials, 9 months of work, in 3 jobs, over the last 48. Getting almost no interviews. Living bill-to-bill. No retirement. Never earned enough to collect a full 26 weeks of unemployment here in California. Therefore never qualified for federal extensions. I envy the 99ers (99 months of unemployment insurance). Obama administration linked federal unemployment insurance aid to states to reforming unemployment system. Biggest required reform was changing to an alternative base period. The base period formula in place since unemployment's 1930s inception eliminates part time and seasonal workers, thus cutting out many of color and women as those of color tend to work seasonally (agriculture) and women tend to work part time. Reforms were to have been instituted by 2008. All California has done to reform unemployment is add debit cards (in july of 2011) and their phone answering system. I have never owned my own home. Unable to secure a job in order to purchase a home now. No retirement. What is to become of me and my husband? Don't let anyone dissuade you: we are in a DEPRESSION no matter what doublespeak Washington uses. And Obama? Where is he? Where is an FDR-like "New Deal?" Americans are smart and innovative. Let's pour our money into people, into Green Technology (like a water-fueled car). We could be inventing and manufacturing green products that would explode on the international market. I hope Obama grows political courage.

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