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I predicted this revolution of Wall Street affairs- As if opening Pandoras Box, my research for the Book The Eternal Flapper ( the life of Edna Wallace Hopper )took me into the dark world of greed, power and control of the economic, social and financial war moguls of Wall Street who made history what it was, and is today. This placed a shift of focus upon my book to a more important message, of the truths which have occurred in her times and how it connects to the events that have surround our present lives. The screenplay I am currently writing is two stories in one, the events of the modern investigation and the events that surrounded Edna Wallace Hopper. Anyone interested in the film project please contact me.
The book reveals her darkest secrets as well as other notables who surrounded her life, including the Royal House of Windsor and a dark secret held since the 1860’s, until now…….
The last career in her life was as a key Wall Street trader in the 1940’s through 1959. In my investigation, I find some of her darkest unknown secrets to come from her surroundings in the 120 Broadway building. The contemporaries that she invested for and mingled with were primarliy the rich and powerful members of the secret Skull and Bones Society as well as the World powerful Illuminati members and founder family members.
It is no wonder that Edna placed such an importance on the welfare of her story to the generations that would follow her timeline. –
Jim Alessio, author of The Eternal Flapper : The Many Lives of Edna Wallace Hopper


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