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We are the 99 percent


I have worked in the financial markets almost my entire adult life. Most people have no idea how abjectly corrupt the large banks are, especially the large primary dealers. We are witnessing a continuing fraud on an unprecedented scale. This fraud - this historic looting of the savings and incomes of people the world over - will only stop when the great mass of victims rises up and says "No more."

The key to Wall Street's control of the economy, and therefore of the people, is the so-called "central bank,' the Federal Reserve System. Unless and until this monstrosity is shuttered and the people are left free to choose their currencies, we will continue to be plundered by the legalized mafia that large banks constitute.

Please remember that most broker-dealers are small firms, most of which are petrified of the large banks. Do not paint all financial services firms with the same brush. Focus on the largest primary dealers, starting with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. The rest will fall.

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