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We are the 99 percent


I'm a college graduate student, with a lot of school loan debt, but that doesn't worry me as much as knowing there are people and corporations out there that no matter what, they want to take my money somehow. These people and companies are opportunistic in the most disgusting way possible. These people who directly influence our economy are coked out crooks who can't see past their materialistic riches. I fully support this movement, as long as it stays peaceful. In no way shape or form, should anyone shed blood for money. Too many people have and are still losing their lives because of someone's greed, and even if they say you can, there is no value that can be measure on someone's life. I believe this movement has no political message besides the most important one in our time. Our political system is broken. The absurd amount of money that are paid to campaigns and lobbyist are the manipulative mannerisms that our leaders have come to see as common practices. Take note. The majority of the wealthy waged class warfare on the rest of the world when they sold sub-primed mortgages with no care of it failing. Their only concern was how much they could charge other companies fees for buying that loan. Without thinking that their high volume of trading these loans would eventually catch up, they bribed our government into giving them our hard earned and honest money, so that they wouldn't have to be responsible in their actions and keep their pathetic bonuses. The biggest crime of our time. Their sense of humanity has seem to be gone. That's what this movement is to me. Regain our sense of human decency and practice it!

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