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I have followed Politics my entire life, now at 63, I can tell you it won't be hard to find a Winner Against Obama or the Republicans the type of (R) & (D) that exist today........ I was not kidding when I said I spoke in detail to over 1,000 visitors this Summer and only 1 liked Obama, they were visiting Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks. Obama is absolutely seriously disliked.
The media wants either Obama or a Republican that is from the exact same
crowd....from one end of it or the other but the same crowd..Big Media...Big Wall Street
...failed government by design!??
My older brother Michael Evanhoe ran (D)Jerry Brown's Fundraising Campaign for Northern California 70's & early 80's, My late Father ran (R) California Governor Earl Warren's Fundraising Campaign for Central California.
Obama is a PHONY not maybe he is an absolute PHONY
Obama's main Chicago support comes from the Pritzker Family of Chicago...who was here several years ago getting a deal done so that the Republican US Attorney General at the Time, would not do an investigation into their Family's Fortune, which is around 18 billion, a lot off shore, Penny Pritzker's brother John didn't want to give his two kids there fair share and they wanted the US Attorney General to investigate, meaning find all the money....Penny Pritker and I went for a hike up at Brooks Lake Lodge owned by the "Republican Fixer"
Max C. Chapman Jr., google this guy, and than I learned what she was really up to...
She made a deal with the Republicans than
who knows what they did in regards to OBAMA keeping all of Bush's guys in
at the Federal Reserve, Defense and same Wall Street crowd in the US Treasury,
OBAMA kept the Wars go and we got what
for that >>>DEBT<> DEAD PEOPLE<<< over 600,000 dead Iraqis. but the Clinton's are owned by the same crowd as well, mainly Goldman-Sachs they were here to, when they were having problems with the Republicans over "the White Water Scandal"....so they have all sold out in my opinion. We need an Independent that is strong and can not be corrupted by
Wall Street, the Defense Industry, the Bush Family, or Corporations that exported all of our jobs or that have allowed over 20 million illegals into the country they throw the entire
wage system off balance and are as economically bad for this country as all of the Failed Wars:
Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the War on Drugs, Education, etc. Government Failure
is it by DESIGN?
There is no profit for the Middle Class in failure...none!!! and the Poor get poorer.

Everything must really change...or as Citizens we will eventual lose all of our freedoms.
The Right Candidate Can Be Found !!!!!
That person is out there.....I am willing to do research, but it has to be an effort by real Citizens for the betterment of the USA....Our Families, Our Children Our Jobs Our Futures.....there isn't much time, before the time bomb of the Baby Boomer Generation hits this Country economical hard. Before the
the current recession hit in October 2008, there were 3 reports out stating that 80% of the 76 million Baby Boomers "DID NOT" have enough money to get them through retirement!!! (Unable to save or their pensions corrupted or stolen by what I Call THE BUSH FACTIONS,) That give or take is about 64 million old people who will not make it. Than about a year ago another report came out stating of the 40 million Hispanics in the USA, the majority of them "will not" .. I repeat ... "will not" make to Post World War II baby boomer middle class, new house new car and kids in college they will not generate revenues large enough tax revenues !!!!
In other words they will not generate enough money into the economy !!!! If that happens and it will, it will kill the middle class almost completely. Without the US economy growing by at least 5.5 % this Country will never make it....and the rich will get richer and have more and more power over wages, etc. and the government will take steps to kill Democracy or even descent by the masses, they will take violent steps, they already are by silencing the opposition. Too few people control the Media. TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPERS..... OBAMA is a PHONY and owns FACEBOOK politically.
With growth at or above 5.5 % it will allow for the creation of jobs that pay over $50K a year, which is needed to stimulate consumers and that kind of growth is enough to pay down our National and States Debt, with out that kind of growth nothing is going to happen....
Look the Federal Reserve meets here in Teton County, WY every August..out of those meetings and into my CAB they go to get to the JH Airport..all say the US Economy is going nowhere fast.... if it stays the same ....that means, not growing enough to stay off future collapse on part of the Middle Class, their way of life, the National debt, etc. For that balance to be achieved WE ...YOU AND ME and a whole Lot of other people need to find a very strong PRESIDENT...that isn't owned by Wall Street, Goldman-Sachs, the US War Machine, the BUSH FAMILY or the
Carlyle Group, or Global US Manufacturers who make more profits outside the USA than inside the USA.....all those guys could careless or give a one dime about the Middle Class, the Poor, the Baby Boomers...or you and me....... they are elitist in thought totally,
the perverted BUSH MIND.
Our Candidate needs to step forward and he needs to be protected!!!!
All forms of Interactive Multi-Media need to be used, in order to get to all the
Baby Boomers, the College Kids the entire Middle Class and the Poor aware
and to vote 100% and to physically watch the polling-voting places for corruption.

Watch out for the BUSH FAMILY to raise their corrupt perverted heads.

both BUSH Presidencies saw over spending by the Gov 1.4 trillion to 2.2 trillion
both through a "LET WAR" or a "Created WAR" WMD, got oil prices to go up
Quintupling of Oil Prices, and over spending by the military, there were real estate
collapses and eventually both Presidencies ended in a major recession:
SR BUSH, 88,89,90,91 and part of 92
JR BUSH, 08,09,010,011
Father Like Son !!!!!
The Middle Class got nothing long term retirement or education!!!!
There is now a push for JEB BUSH almost weekly on National TV another BUSH IDIOT.
Not only does Obama have to be stopped and Mitt but the BUSH FAMILY must be kept out completely "so they can be eventually be charged for corruption, wall street to
laundering Drug Cartel money through Panamanian Banks into London" and for "War Crimes." A friend, Mrs.Jones who worked in Panama's banks has documented the Bush Corruption of laundering Drug Cartel Money into London banks from
Panamanian banks "FOLLOW THE MONEY"
through their corruption they corrupted the US Military and the almost entire Justice System and of course Wall Street See their Buddy Dan Cook the III google this guys he lives here and also in Texas and is Cheney's best buddy and headed up Goldman-Sachs in Texas, see also Walter Scott Jr. Level 3 Communications, Lowry Mays Clear Channel, Mercer Reynolds,Pro Team Texas Rangers, etc. etc. they all live here..in TETON COUNTY WYOMING....I call them
"The Jackson Hole Gang of Thugs"
all totally corrupt...I have lived here 15 yrs and have kept records on all of these guys.
So corruption and the economy our are #1 & #2 goals they have to be or we will go no where either. This Can and will be DONE by Christmas 2011
Jim Evanhoe, Jackson, Wyoming

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