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We are the 99 percent


The United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy.
If you really question this statement, I encourage you to do some real research. One place to start would be the Pledge Of Allegiance. But as some people do not know it, or believe in its accuracy, you may also reference a world map and see Republic of the United States of America. If your still not convinced, Then look at the Constitution, Article. IV, Section. 4. And if you still believe we are a Democracy, please send me a message with your proof (Real proof).

A Republic is a form of a mixed constitution, which is composed of some of the powers of a Monarchical, Dictatorship, and Democratical government.

We elect Democratically members of congress.

Members of congress in a Monarchical manor form our Congress.

Historically, or member of Congress would vote in a Dictatorship aka President, however, due to the cap on the number of Congress members there are, we now elect a person from our district to vote for a President. Which means, you don't vote for the President.

Knowledge is True power, So now you know.

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