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We are the 99 percent


organized retail labor contracts based on revenue sharing agreements, where everyone who works in the business is actually an owner of the company, sharing the profits---working for a fait days work for a fair days pay. Imagine one familt, waltons who make more cash than 30 % of americas entire workforce, and sell slave made products that if made in the USA would contribute more than a trillion dollars a year to our national treasury, and contribute dozens of millions of jobs. They are slavers, akin to piract, they are in the same bed with the federal reserve, gatses, bufffetses, sams club waltons, etc etc, all abuse the workers and steal from our nation. Its unconstitutional, but politically correct, because they pay their dues, through lobbies, to the lawyers, judges, politicians, all obsoleted by information technology, criminals with authority, The time is drawing near when our nations security forces convene counsel without cars, czarettes, mini czars, affirmative action or any biggotry at all, to call marshall law, while responsibility is restored while removing federal reserve, supreme court, senate, house, oval orfice, ntse, etc etc etc. Indirect labor without purpose or whoes jobcan be easily automated, end free trade, return our factories, and small family goods and services, with a powerful military to fend offf our worlds tyranny, instead of embracing them, embracd information technology, gone crime and punishment, online with identifying the underlying reasons for anomolies, and caring for all our people, the nation where the world meets, and lives by making their own goods, the elimination of slavery, tyranny, politics (professional swindlers, gone, the legal-medical-insurancefraud extortion mafia, gone the prison economy, for the judaicial budgets the lawyers/judges feed on, gone the herd, replaced by a nation where all are equall, a peoples who arise each day in an effort to do the right things, living a life respecting the spiritual element of humanity, a realm where the Truth remains the same from all perspectives

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