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Direct Democracy in Practice

How can the momentum of the Occupy movement be maintained? There is a widespread consensus that the people should be able to overrule their "representative" politicians if they choose to do so. More via http://www.iniref.org/ and http://iniref.wordpress.com/ This is an expression of direct democracy.

The town meeting is a very old and well-established form of collective debate and decision making. In future we could promote this sort of democracy, with citizen meetings in city districts, villages and towns. To cope with larger numbers we could use citizens' proposal (initiative), which can lead to a demand for legally binding referendum. This can also be used to block, veto unwanted government policy and also to sack elected politicians who perform badly.

About iniref

We advocate the introduction of direct democratic procedures such as citizens' initiative, referendum, and recall in the countries of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. See our web site for proposals, campaign resources, an offer to provide speakers, workshops and conference reports. Web site: http://www.iniref.org/ Contact: info@iniref.org Discuss at: http://iniref.wordpress.com/ Tags: direct democracy, ballot, veto, lawmaking, town meeting, plebiscite, sovereignty, self-determination, radical, campaign, lobby, education, politics, constitution, funding

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