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We are the 99 percent


The old adage stating that “History repeats itself” over and over through the ages since this earth began is as true today as it has always been. We, human beings, have and will never learn the lessons from that history. Just in the past century there were famous revolutions, i.e., the Bolshevik, the Chinese, the Cuban, and many other lesser government takeovers of lesser fame, for example. Upon comprehensive analysis, these show those individuals who got the power after the said “Revolution” took place, used we, the people, as a conduit to their agenda—One, which they would have not obtained, had they not used us, the masses, or those who do not have anything to lose, to do their dirty work for them. In the end we transfer more power and money to those few. What does appear to work better is to do your do diligence, independently do your research for each issue in question.
· Then, among other measures, exercise your right to vote for the best candidate possible, even if mediocre
· Write emails and make calls daily to your congressmen/senators/the president in Washington, DC-it is cheap with all your cell phone plans
· In a civilized manner protest without infringing on other people’s property or infringe on their rights to assemble or not
· And, in a civilized and organized manner boycott those who you feel are corrupt

History also shows that a moderate society has a better chance to be successful in the long run than a radical one. And, history has also shown that we the people who are innately imperfect and greedy almost always swing the pendulum to the extremes, either the radical right or to the radical left. So remember, “two wrongs don’t make a right”
Let’s make those in Washington, from the President on down who cavort, accept donations and give favors in return, and misinform us, the real ones RESPONSIBLES AND ACCOUNTABLE for the problems of the greatest society in this world.
I know I witnessed a revolution and wanted the equality Occupy talks about today. Its leader took advantage of us the little people, lives very well in power since 1959, and his people are still as oppressed financially and without liberty as before he came into power.

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