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In 1985, only two years out of high school, Al Susoeff, Jr. read a book that would change his life. The book was titled “Nothing Down” and was authored by Robert Allen. At the time, he was working in construction, building the many subdivisions between Sacramento, Ca and the San Francisco Bay Area. Armed with this ground breaking information, and seeing all the homes he was helping to build, he immediately put a business plan together and approached several local California banks.

Unfortunately, in 1985, the S & L crisis was really starting to pick up steam, and needless to say, no bank was going to talk to a 20 year old kid with absolutely no experience, no credit, and no real knowledge other than Mr. Allen’s book. Mr. Susoeff puts his dreams of being a real estate entrepreneur on hold, moved to Arkansas and continued to work in construction.

Fast forward to 2003 and we find Mr. Susoeff working at a local Little Rock engineering firm as a Civil Engineer. He now has 20 years experience in construction and has made his concentration within that field residential remodeling. Although he is working full time as a Civil Engineer, his high energy nature allows him to run the construction company part time on the side as well. Lately, he has started becoming more and more disgruntled with engineering as the full time wage he receives from working in that field is only slightly higher than the part time wage he receives from Casa Buena Construction, the Construction Company he owns.

One day he notices a home in his neighborhood that really needs to be cleaned up. The grass is high, and the “for sale” sign has been out for what seems like forever. He calls the realtor, negotiates a deal, and purchases the house; mostly because he is just tired of looking at the over-grown lawn. He spends 4 weekends, a few thousand dollars and less than 200 man hours cleaning and fixing the home, which he then puts back on the market. 48 hours later he has a full price offer and 30 short days after that he walks away with just under $20,000.00 in his pocket.

The rest is not rocket science.

He begins reading everything he can get his hands on regarding real estate and financial education in general. He attends every seminar he can schedule. He receives training from many of the most well known gurus in the industry including Robert Kiosaki, Ron Legrand, Armand Morin, and Cameron Dunlap. Needless to say, he also begins to invest and trade in real estate. One of his innovations to another guru’s direct mail marketing tactic gets national attention in 2007, where he teaches other students how to get 30-40% return results from direct mail campaigns.

Today, he does not work as an engineer although he has a license to do so. He has written three books, with a fourth underway and is currently writing the course materials to teach new real estate investors his methods, strategies and tactics for building a business as a real estate investor. He still looks for good deals where they can be found and is continuing to build the real estate empire he set out to do in his late teens.

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