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We are the 99 percent


Registered Independent.

MBA / Economics / Accounting

I have had my Master's degree since 2004, and have spent a total of 16 years in the workforce. And I have NEVER earned above poverty level $11K for any tax year. 2011 will become the first and only year I will finally earn enough to move above poverty line.

Both of my parents are passed away, and I have been homeless on the street. When half of America moved home after college, I had nowhere to go when nobody would hire me.

Literally standing in line to get a bed for the night.

Because when you have Ethics and can't make enough to live because your credit score sucks and the Evil companies like Wells Fargo won't hire you, there is nothing you can do when you get evicted from the room you rent.

I've been homeless NOT because I am lazy or stupid. Quite the contrary; here's a sampling of jobs I've had since age 15

newspaper intern
pizza delivery driver
waitress (8 restaurants)
budget accountant
coffee barrista
hotel maid
tech support specialist
web developer
deli worker
IT help desk

With a Master's degree and almost $50K in student loans I cannot afford rent and student loan payments.

I built and administer: http://www.transparentaccounting.org

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