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We are the 99 percent


My best guess is that the Occupy Wall Street movement solely comprises recent college grads who are bitter at having borrowed money to fund the study of poetry, only to find that their salaries fall short of covering the loans-- no matter how well they can rhyme verses.

I don't think that there is any group of fat-cats making piles of money and directing politics- for personal enrichment or otherwise. It seems to me that progress at this moment will require everyone working their hardest to be productive.

Each strike and protest in Greece exacerbates that country's financial crisis. However, the Greek protesters have the reasonable excuse that declaring bankruptcy now and starting anew might be better than agreeing to a long-term policy of 'austerity,' which seems like a euphemism for the word 'oppression.'

I don't see that here. Forget about solidifying a set of concrete goals. What exactly *is* the problem and who exactly is causing it?

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