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We are the 99 percent


(Human Against Greed and Corruption in Government) - 47 year old, disabled veteran, university student. As I am a OWS supporter who believes that the most American thing I can do is to question my government and demand change when it is necessary, I am offended that some politicians are calling me a dead beat, or saying that I am playing the victim card or that I am jealous. I wasn't going to march, now it is a certainty that I will. I have contributed to the welfare of society since I was 13 and I am not jealous, I am not a communist, I don't want a free hand out, I just want special interests out of MY government and I demand MY government have concern for OUR combined welfare as we are The People. Personally, I am not advocating singling out the super wealthy, just that they pay their fair share instead of treating the rest of us as their peasantry or serfs. I am sick of funding the quarter century long War on Drugs and The War against Terror, I am sick of funding mega-business run by incompetent thieves! I am sick of my country engaging in a financial War against me and everyone I know! I want my country back! I want freedom, liberty and fair capitalist opportunity for All. Finally, to those politicians attempting to twist this movement into a minor talking point leading up to election. Why alienate millions of citizens, are you truly so out of touch?

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