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We are the 99 percent


Corporations should not have so much pull. I support Capitalism and hard work. I love the idea of socialism where all is shared, but there are just too many people that will allow others to do all the work due to the lack of incentive. I believe there can be something better than Capitalism, but we haven't reached that point. One day a true genius will be able to provide that answer. To all of those who hate the current system. Please prepare yourself to provide possible solution. If you're upset because you will have to earn a living and life is not fair...suck it up and make something of yourself. I am the 99% and I work to support my wife and daughter while going to school. There are so many examples of people that came from nothing and many more of people that came from so much but didn't have the inspiration to do anything with themselves. Unfortunately, many of the latter are the ones screaming revolution but they have nothing to bring to the table. School isn't the only way to get educated. We are lucky to live in a country where books are free....internet is free...information is free. Quit your whining and do something with yourself. Ok I'm done rambling =] have a nice day

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