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We are the 99 percent


Longtime student and observer of the erosion of US Democracy and extreme narrowing of opportunity structure for far too many of us. I believe the energy and seeds planted by OWS must evolve into a broad organized and largely "New" kind of movement that starts by rallying around Constitutional Amendment level reform of Campaigns, Electioneering, and politics in general to reign in the influence of the ridiculously wealthy and overprivileged. It is not class warfare on our part to simply and finally decide to fight back against the ongoing and spectacularly successful class warfare that they have been waging against most of us for the last 30-40 years... If we are not among the wealthiest one tenth of one percent- and maybe throw in the top 2-3% who I can at least understand going along with the ongoing shenanigans- then we had better get together, pull together, and recognize: to paraphrase the great countercultural icons The Firesign Theatre... all the rest of us are in this thing together and "I think we are all indiginous bozos on this bus..." and our ways of life are at risk.

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